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Gregg Willis - Vice Chair United States
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Gary Pierce - Treasurer
Kent Autrand – Secretary
Guy Horner – Safety Officer


Spud Run 2011

The 2011 Spud Run, the 20th Anniversary Edition is a wrap.  While this global warming concept forced a number of us to arrive on four wheels, many braved the elements on two wheels.  My helmets off to the Edmonton Metro riders who rode nearly 1000 miles to Boise and the CA VII riders who made it through the Sierras snow for a 700-mile trip.  Weather patterns being what they are some just had a little rain and some had nice weather.  The main objective for all was to arrive in Boise and enjoy the company of fellow Blue Knights.

By now most of you heard, that we did have Noel Deagle, President of Edmonton Metro, had an accident about 70 miles from Boise on Hwy 21.  As the lead, he was pointing to a large rock in the highway and lost control of the motorcycle and his ankle crushed.  When I visited him in the hospital after the surgery, he was in surprisingly good spirits.  Fortunately, the Spud Run is an approved WCC ride and thus the Special Fund was available for his immediate financial needs.  Of course, the tradition of the Spud Run conducting no official WCC business was still maintained.

One tradition has continued Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head awards.  This year’s awards went to Neil Agachinsky and Deany Borlin who will return the Potato Heads to new recipients next year attired in some costume to reflect their home areas.  This year Mrs. Potato Head came from Utah and Mr. Potato Head came from Oakland.  The Utah Honey Bee costume and the Mr. Potato Head in dreadlocks and jailed were a hoot.

The weather was not conducive to any local rides this year but many of the Spud Runners will be back in Boise this August for the 2011 WCC Convention.  Different weather, different hotel, new local rides, river rafting, etc. should make our return to Boise a much different experience.  I did hear of quite a few Blue Knights out shopping this year, good choice!

Now for rumor control.  Yes, the Rodeway is getting a little; OK a lot worn out, but for some has charm.  Yes, I have looked at other hotel options.  Yes, I visited another hotel during the Spud Run.  Yes, I did take a bribe of a hotel cookie.  NO a decision to move for 2012 is not a firm thing.  Let me know what you think of the host hotel for the WCC Convention while you are there in August.  A closer look will happen during the WCC Convention in August and an announcement at that time will be made.  No commitment has been communicated to the Rodeway and it is business as usual until August.  

At any venue in Boise, the Founders The Spud Run Foundersand regular attendees would look forward to you joining us Memorial Day weekend of 2012.

Karl Hutchinson

WCC Chairman and International Rep 


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